Why Your Next Corporate Gift Should Be A Custom Diary

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  • May 21, 2020
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As a business owner, you want to create strong, long term relationships with your clients. The perfect way to show appreciation and gratitude to your valued customers is with a promotional gift.

Promotional gifts range from personalised mugs and engraved pens, to sweet treats and bottle openers, but an extremely attractive promotional gift is a customised diary, due to its ability to provide a unique marketing opportunity and solidify a positive brand association, as well as being a highly useful tool for almost any occupation- from lawyers, to tradespeople, to volunteers!


Here are Sagamore’s top 4 reasons to send customised diaries to your clients.

  1. Great Marketing Opportunity

A tangible item with your brand name printed on the front, means that your company will always be at the front of your clients mind. Client diaries are designed to travel with their owners, allowing you to increase your brands awareness with prospective clients.

Not only does the diary incorporate brand awareness, it increases it longer than other promotional gifts. STML Print & Marketing found that the average consumer keeps a promo product for about 6 months. A calendar diary is one of the only products that allows you to double the amount of time that your gift will be used, also doubling your company’s brand exposure!

With an advertising span that long, it will be hard for clients not to think of you.

  1. Positive Brand Association

Positive brand association is when a customer has a positive image of your company in their mind, and are more likely to purchase from you.


A study by Identity Works showed that 76% of people who receive a promotional product had a favourable attitude towards that company. When clients receive your promotional gift, they are bound to be delighted and you are bound to be unforgotten. Going this extra mile will assist in forging a positive relationship between your client and your brand, especially when it is something as personal and valuable as a customised diary.

3. Use and Functionality

A professional diary not only portrays a sleek and professional image, but with 75% of business professionals using a diary everyday (5 by 7), it proves to be a useful and essential business tool.

A diary assists the user in staying organised, inspired and offers easy transportation. This is why people use diaries every day, as opposed to other promotional products, which are only used once a week (STML Print & Marketing).


  1. Boost Business Opportunities

The start of the new year is the perfect time to send your company branded diaries to clients. This doubles as an opportunity start a conversation about future business. Studies show that 85% of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional gift (PPAI), So if you’re looking to kick off the new year with some new clients, this could be your saving grace.

Personalised diaries can be a great long term business card too- so don’t forget to include your contact details on the diary cover so clients always have your number at hand.

A promotional gift such as the diary, allows for a longer brand exposure time compared to any other promo gift, and is bound to solidify a positive brand association with clients.

What other promotional gift could be more effective?

Sagamore Industries are creators of high-quality stationery solutions, helping our customers develop and grow their brand and generate revenue.  Not only can we create customised corporate diaries, but we also specialise in other promotional stationery items such as custom ring binders, branded presentation folders, point of sale stationery solutions, carpet sample books, and polypropylene custom printed boxes to help promote your business. Everything is custom-made, allowing customers to build a solution that is aligned to their unique brand attributes.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of our custom diaries, our team would be happy to help you out. Enquire online here, email us, or contact (03) 9786 439

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