5 Reasons You Should Have Branded Notepad Holders

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  • July 2, 2020
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Made of PVC plastic, with a clear plastic pocket to hold the notepad- Sagamore’s printed Notepad covers from are a great way to keep notebooks protected and organised, while reminding you of important messages, or strengthening your brand recognition.

Here are 5 ways that your business could utilise the benefits of notepad holders.Notepad Covers

  1. Communicate Safety, Training & Compliance Procedures

One way to use our notepad covers is to communicate important safety, training and compliance procedures to your employees or customers. Because notebooks are used regularly, whatever message it is printed with is going to be seen regularly.

So, why not put that to good use by reminding people of important safety and compliance messages?

  1. Exert Sophistication and ProfessionalismNotepad Covers

A notepad holder printed with your company name and logo can be a great way to get your brand name out there and recognised, and will help your business come across as sophisticated and professional. Branded notebook holders also make for a great corporate gift for your valued clients

  1. Notepad CoversScorecard Holder

Another way to use a notepad holder is as a scorecard holder, particularly useful for golfers, as it provides a safe place to store their scorecard while they play. Golfing companies may even want customise scorecard holders with club members name printed on it, as a gift to their most valued members.

  1. General Practicality

Even without a specific use, using a notepad holder to store your notepad has many practical perks.  Notepad holders will prevent your notepad from getting damaged throughout transportation, as well as creating a hard surface to lean on should you get caught without a table!

  1. Promotional SolutionsPromotional Solutions

When looking to show clients appreciation of their support, a company branded notepad holder is a great way to go. Sagamore specialises in creating custom stationery items such as PVC wallets and plastic pockets, to help you grow your business by increasing brand recognition, staying organised and looking professional!

You can view our range of plastic wallets and notepad holders in our Wallets’ range here, or further enquire here. We’d love to get in touch!

Notepad Covers

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