How To Create The Perfect Customised Diary

There are many benefits to creating a custom diary. Not only will a custom diary display your brand name on the front cover, it allows you to make tweaks that will ensure your diaries get the best possible use out of them, whether it’s for yourself, employees or customers. Let us guide you through the decisions that to ensure your diary is perfect for your needs.

How To Reboot Your Business After COVID-19

Many businesses faced a whole new level of unexpected challenges in 2020. As a new year begins, it is a great time to rethink some of your business strategies and make changes that will benefit your business and help your company grow.

How To Maintain Your Brand During COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to re-think our strategies and consider how to maintain our brand when we can no longer interact with customers in person. This blog outlines some strategies that you can adopt to help your business survive the current pandemic that we are facing.

Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Brand

Looking for promotional stationery for your brand? You’ve come to the right place. This blog discusses our range of promotional products and the benefits that they will provide for your brand.

How To Recognise Student Achievement Without A Graduation Ceremony

Due to COIVD-19, graduation ceremonies have been cancelled.
To make the class of 2020 feel a little more special, present their diplomas in Sagamore’s beautiful presentation folders!

5 Reasons You Should Have Branded Notepad Holders

Made of PVC plastic- Sagamore’s printed notepad covers are a great way to keep notebooks protected and organized while getting your brand name and logo seen by others. Notepad holders also make a great corporate gift, especially when accompanied with a matching custom diary!

What’s Happening at Sagamore?

Office Renovations Earlier this year, our office area underwent a full renovation thanks to the team at Garret Builders, who spent a busy couple of months transforming our space into a welcoming environment. With a fresh coat of paint and comfy new furniture, we now have an open space for our team to create, and […]

Face Shields

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt all around Australia. Due to the shortage of personal protective equipment in Australia, Sagamore has designed and is manufacturing medical face shields to protect Australian frontline workers in the health industry. After a design process involving over 30 prototypes, Sagamore has come up with an optimal face shield […]

Why Your Next Corporate Gift Should Be A Custom Diary

As a business owner, creating strong relationships with your clients is a must. To achieve this, go beyond what your competitors are doing. A memorable and useful gift such as a Customised Corporate Diary is bound to make it impossible for customers to forget about you!

What is Foil Stamping?

If you want your custom stationery products to stand out from anyone else, foil stamping is the way to go. Variations include foil stamping, foil embossing and blind embossing, and each technique will hugely increase the luxe factor on any promo product!