Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Brand

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  • September 21, 2020
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If you’re looking for a marketing strategy that will increase brand recognition and brand exposure, while adding value and productivity to your business, then look no further than promotional stationery!


Promotional products are a proven method of successful marketing as it gets your brand name inside the minds of consumers.  According to the Promotional Products Association International, 94% of recipients of a promo product still remember the company that gave them the product after 2 years. With an advertising span that long, it’ll be hard for clients not to think of you.


To ensure that you get the most value out of your investment, here are some questions to ask yourself so you can better understand what will work for you.


Who is the product for?


Whether your branded stationery products are for employees, or a promotional gift to clients, you should consider the needs of the recipient, and what value you are providing. Also consider where and how you will be distributing the products to help you decide which product would be best. If you are distributing at a tradeshow, a product that can be used by any profession such as a notebook with your logo on it would be suitable, but if you’re sending gifts to your top 20 clients, a diary that is personalised to their needs will be more appreciated.


What is your budget?


Budget is an important factor to consider, but purchasing promotional stationery should be thought of as an investment in your brand, and not necessarily as a business expense. Consider how much you are willing to spend against the impact you would like to make and the action you want to provoke from the recipient.


Is the timing right?


Consider when you will be distributing your products, and plan accordingly. A corporate diary is not useful in the middle of the year but planning for it should start then.


How will it be used?


There is a promotional stationery product for almost any industry. Consider how and when the product will be used. If your job requires you to handle important documents, you’ll find great use out of a ring binder. If you are often travelling to visit customers, then a diary or notebook might suit you best – and will get you that brand exposure.


Does it align with your brand?


If you are a lawyer, then you might find that a sophisticated finish on your product aligns nicely with your brand image. If you are in the creative industry, you can reflect your creativity with bright colours that are sure to catch the eye. If your company has a consistent message or slogan, highlight it.


Now that we’ve got you thinking, here are some of the promotional products that we can customise for your business.


Custom Diaries


One of the most frequently purchased promotional stationery items at Sagamore are custom corporate diaries. Diaries are a useful tool that have been used by professional services, to tradespeople, for decades. A diary not only allows you to keep a record of important notes, but it has been proven that the mere act of writing something down will improve our ability to remember it.


Sagamore’s custom diaries are a great way for you to put your name on a physical item that will go everywhere with you, and will be seen by potential clients. Our diaries also make a great promotional gift for clients, as they provide an opportunity to get seen by your clients clients, doubling the brand exposure!


Custom Diaries

Ring Binders


Chances are that you already use a ring binder to keep papers organised and protected. Now is your chance to upgrade your binders and personalise them with your company’s name, logo, product guides, and photos.


With us, you can specify print type, colours, material, paper size, even the height and thickness of the binder so it will fit perfectly in your bookcase! Some additional features to consider are a business card pocket, a closing magnetic flap, cover padding to make the binder nice and plush, or gold foiling or embossing to really increase that sophistication factor!


Ring Binders

Polypropylene Satchels


Our Polypropylene satchels are a popular item for storing documents and papers, cards and more. You can create a satchel with the exact dimensions to suit your needs. These satchels can easily be stored on a bookcase or displayed in your office to show off your personalised branded stationery.


Polypropylene Satchels

Pockets, Wallets and Notebook Holders


The ‘Pockets and Wallets’ tab on our website show a range of products to hold and protect business cards, travel cards, notebooks and more. Wallets are a great gift for clients that frequent public transport, and having your brand name on it will get your company name seen every time the user pulls out their transport card!


Our blog about notebook holders explains the many different ways that they can be used.

Pockets, Wallets

Presentation Boxes


Some of our most beautiful products are presentation boxes, available in a wide variety of styles, as shown below. Presentation boxes are a great way to capture attention, helping to strengthen your brand and increase revenue! Whatever you need from your custom presentation boxes, Sagamore’s experienced team will guide you through the process to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result!

Presentation Boxes

Sagamore Industries are experts in creating high-quality custom promotional stationery. Our products have been proven to help maintain brands to keep your business front of mind with new and prospective customers, providing a high quality product that will add value to any workspace.


To chat with one of our team members about the results you can achieve with Sagamore’s promotional stationery, call us on (03) 9786 4399 or contact


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