How To Recognise Student Achievement Without A Graduation Ceremony

  • By Kiara Bingham, Sagamore Industries
  • August 5, 2020
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Graduation ceremonies are a key milestone for University students who have put in many years of effort and hard work.


However, many Universities have had no choice but to postpone or adjust graduation ceremonies this year due to COVID19.


This can be a real disappointment to the class of 2020, and it is no doubt leaving Australian Universities wondering what they can do to acknowledge the commitment and dedication that their students have put in throughout their years of study.

custom-made presentation folders.


As a University, it is important to ensure that students feel cared for, and appreciated, especially during these challenging times.


What will your University offer to make sure that your students leave with a positive experience?


One way to help thousands of Australian students feel recognized and commemorated for their dedication to their studies without a traditional graduation ceremony is by presenting student certificates and diplomas in prestigious custom-made presentation folders.


This creates a valuable opportunity for Universities to recognise their student’s achievements that would otherwise be offered through a graduation ceremony. This will also form strong brand recognition for students and their families for enrolments into the future.


High quality, branded certificate holders are a great parting gift for students who have spent years with your organisation, leaving them feeling valued and with a positive association with their University.

 presentation folders.

We would love to help you celebrate your students this year, especially during a time that creates many obstacles for students doing their best to complete their courses.


If you’d like to enquire further about how Sagamore can help you in terms of presentation folders, or any of our other promotional stationery products, you can contact us at or call (03) 9786 4399.

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