Meet Sagamore Industries’ new MD

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  • February 13, 2020
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Sagamore Industries has a newly appointed Managing Director. Chris Bristow joined the team in mid-2019 and is committed to continuing Sagamore’s legacy of creating high-quality promotional solutions with reliable delivery while focussing on growing the business.

With executive-level banking experience – including becoming one of the youngest business leaders at Bendigo Bank – Chris has a proven track record of growing new products in new markets and exceeding customer expectations.

Chris is the third generation of Sagamore’s family operation to take the helm. His top-flight corporate experience has already delivered results, by evolving business operations and implementing new sustainability standards.

Philip Allen, our long-standing Managing Director, remains in the business providing advice and guidance to the them while working on a new and exciting project supporting the medical industry.

To see how Sagamore can help your brand grow, contact Chris on 0417 299 124 or

Chris Bristow

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