Do you want to create custom ring binders to store and collect your documents in style? Sagamore can help. We offer a wide range of promotional merchandising services, including custom ring binder designs, to meet the unique needs of your brand and business. Discuss your needs with our team and we’ll work closely with you to create completely customised binders and folders, built from the ground up.

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Why Choose Sagamore?

Sagamore has been customising ring binders to meet our clients’ specific needs and demands for more than 60 years. Our team has gained the necessary expertise over the years to provide the best solutions to our customers’ needs by refining our manufacturing processes to their specific preferences. We have helped countless businesses stand out by working closely with them to design and develop uniquely branded ring binders that complement their branding and style.

Sagamore is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all of our clients. We are proud to employ an experienced and creative team that can work with you to create any product you require. You can rest assured that we will carefully consider all of your suggestions to create exactly the custom-made product you desire. With us, you can trust that your custom-made designs are in capable hands.

Our team collaborates closely with suppliers to provide our clients with a diverse range of materials and colours for manufacturing. We can also include pockets, tab dividers, slip cases, and other useful features to create a ring binder that meets both your personal and professional needs. With our extensive design options, you have nearly limitless customisation options when creating the custom ring binders that you desire.

Our in-house graphics and print specialists ensure that your brand, including your artwork, logo, and design, is handled with care. We work hard to design a custom ring binder that will not only organise your documents but also provide a polished presentation for your brand. Our team can customise any ring binder with digital or screen printing, as well as foil stamping, to create a finished product you’ll be proud of.

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Complete Custom Designed Products

While we can provide standard ring binder templates to assist with your design, you are still free to create your own. Our team specialises in personally working with our clients to design any product from the ground up and tailor it to their unique brand needs. You can be confident that our skilled team will closely work with you to build any custom-made product from the ground up and align it with your branding value.

Types of Custom Binders We Offer

Based on your needs and preferences, Sagamore offers custom ring binder options such as polypropylene, PVC, and casemade binders. Our polypropylene or poly binders are easy to clean, durable, and crack-resistant. PVC is a stylish material for ring binders. We can insert foam between the PVC material and the binder board to create a nice, soft finish. Finally, we have casemade binders, made popular due to their sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Our team can help you create custom ring binders to keep your documents looking organised, secure, and presentable. Contact our team today to learn more, get personalised ring binder advice, or request a free quote for the most aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting ring binders that only our team can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom ring binders and folders cost?

Our custom ring binder pricing is determined by several factors, including product type, quantity, and personalisation requirements. Our ring binders are made of high-quality materials and manufactured using tried and tested processes. With our craftmanship and design expertise, you can be confident that our binders are well worth the investment because they are highly functional and built to last. We avoid using cheap materials to ensure you’re getting a high-quality, professional grade product that reflects your brand properly. For a more cost-effective ring binder build, our experts can always provide you with end-to-end solutions ranging from art design to product manufacturing.

How do I choose the right ring binder for my needs?

Ring binders play an important role in document collection and storage. As a result, they are an essential component of any business. Ring binders, however, serve a variety of other functions in addition to storing vital business information. Our clients choose custom ring finders that are ideal for storing product samples, improving marketing and branding, and creating handover kits for real estate needs. We are confident that among our many options, you will find the perfect ring binder for you. Our team will work with you to help you get the one that best fits your needs. With a complete range of customisation options, there’s something for everyone.

How long does it take to deliver custom presentation folders in Australia?

Sagamore strives to meet our clients’ needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. The delivery time frame for each of our client-brands is determined by the product quantity, level of customisation, and delivery location. However, our standard production timeframe is 4 weeks from the date the design is approved.