Explore Flooring Options with Carpet Sample Books

Wouldn’t having a complete collection of carpet samples in one convenient book be great?

No more flipping through hundreds of individual samples and comparing colours and textures.

Sagamore is your go-to local partner for the best quality carpet sample books. Our finished product is customised to fit your samples perfectly. Whether you’re planning to expand your business in the future or increase the brand’s presence in front of your clients, our carpet sample book is indispensable.

Material Selection with High-Quality Carpet Sample Books

A carpet sample book is a handy and portable mini catalogue of carpets for designers, architects, and flooring professionals to showcase different styles and texture options to clients effortlessly.

Sagamore has taken the concept of carpet sample books to new heights. Our thoughtfully crafted carpet sample book helps you to inspire your clients for residential and commercial projects with additional benefits. 

We also provide expert guidance and support for designing your carpet sample books, ensuring that your final product exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Customised Designs: Our designers will work with you to create a carpet sample book that reflects your needs. From the size and shape to the colour and branding, you can create an entire range of flooring options in one place, complete with descriptions, pricing, and photos.

User-Friendly Format: Our carpet sample books are designed with user experience in mind. Facilitate your clients in effortlessly acquiring your swatch book to compare with their home flooring and paint colours, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and always strive to deliver your customised carpet sample books on time.

Say goodbye to the hassle of individual samples and take your business to the next level with our stylish carpet sample book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What customisations can I expect for my sample book?

Our expert team will collaborate to help you create a carpet sample book that reflects your brand identity.

How do I order my customised sample book?

Simply fill out our online form or contact us directly via email or phone. Our friendly team will promptly connect with you for further requirements.