Flooring swatches and sample books are the best way to make your products easily accessible for customers. Display your entire range of flooring options in one place, complete with descriptions, pricing, and photos.

Sagamore can work with you to create custom flooring sample swatches and books tailored to your business and branding. We build from scratch, designing and creating to ensure everything is perfect for your customers. Contact us today to get started with a consultation.

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Why Use a Sample Book?

Flooring sample books are an easy way for customers to view your products and make informed decisions. Customers can take their time browsing through the different options and compare them side by side.

A flooring samples book can help you:

When your customers can see the products available and compare them easily, they’re far more likely to begin the decision making process and come to a decision in your store.

If you have an impressive range of products, you want to show it off. Brands with more options are perceived as higher quality, and customers surveyed say that variety is important when choosing a brand to shop from.

With all your flooring options in one place, customers can make their colour choice easier and faster. It also helps your salespeople understand customer needs faster, as customers can more easily point out what they’re looking for.

Customers can take your custom swatch books back to their own home and contrast your flooring options against their home’s flooring and paint colours. It’s more convenient and helps them make their purchase decision.

Types of Flooring Sample Products Available

To make sure you’re getting the sample book that’s right for your brand and your customers, we offer a range of product options. Each can be completely customised to suit your needs, from the size and shape to the colour and branding.

Swatch cards

A swatch card is an excellent marketing tool to easily display your most popular materials, colours and finishes. Our can feature up to 8 different products on the one card.


These larger cards and pages are an efficient way to showcase a large range of colours and materials. Generally, they’re grouped by type, material, colour or others to help customers compare and find similar products easily.


Presenters are like books with removable samples attached to the inside pages. The hard case allows you to get creative with design, adding branding, images to showcase how the materials might look when used, and more.

Sample boxes

Sample boxes are multi-purpose, durable and cost-effective. They’re perfect for transporting multiple small and large samples, making it easy for customers to grab all the samples they need in one go.

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Sagamore’s custom swatch and sample book solutions are the perfect thing to take your business to the next level. Our friendly team of experts will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind solution that meets your specific needs. Call us today for a consultation or further information.