While Sagamore is the leading creator of custom printed stationery, we also offer some of Australia’s cheapest bulk ring binders.

Overlay binders sometimes referred to as insert binders, have a clear front pocket and spine that allows you to slip a printed sheet into the binder to customise it for a specific purpose. They are a terrific low-cost solution that offers versatility as they can be reused repeatedly for various events or goals.

Our wholesale ring binders are delivered within days, with fast turnaround, competitive prices and the usual trademark quality that our customers are familiar with at Sagamore. Why would you use anyone else?

Ring Capacity Price (ex GST)
16mm 2D ring $3.45 ea
16mm 3D ring $3.65 ea
16mm 4D ring $3.75 ea
25mm 2D ring $3.25 ea
25mm 3D ring $3.40 ea
25mm 4D ring $3.50 ea
40mm 2D ring $3.30 ea
40mm 3D ring $3.60 ea
40mm 4D ring $3.70 ea
50mm 2D ring $3.60 ea
50mm 3D ring $3.85 ea
50mm 4D ring $3.95 ea
65mm 2D ring $6.25 ea
65mm 3D ring $6.60 ea
65mm 4D ring $6.80 ea
Note: Pricing includes FIS Melbourne, orders under $200.00 (Excluding GST) will incur a $30.00 surcharge – pick up or delivery.