Wallets and pockets are highly functional protective solutions for a range of different purposes. Whether they are for public transport cards, lanyards, notepads, golf cards, credit cards and so much more, our plastic wallets are used across a vast array of purposes, industries, and clients.

Like all our extensive custom stationery range, the unique nature of your printed wallets is almost endless in opportunity. Our expert team will guide you through every step of the journey, to ensure the result is produced and delivered as promised.

Because Sagamore can design to your unique needs, our custom printed pockets and wallets are highly functional and practical to ensure that your solution is produced to the highest quality.

Whether it is PVC or polypropylene, printed or plain, we deliver custom printed pockets and wallets large and small.

We also have a commitment to reducing our footprint, enforcing strict recycling policies and are always looking to improve.