Ask anyone in the building supply industry, product sampling increases sales!

According to Trendex1, companies use sampling because:

  • Customers want to see and feel the materials before purchasing especially when it’s for large uses such as carpet, flooring, paint and blinds.
  • It’s more convenient to look at the material than bringing large rolls of fabric for customers to compare.
  • There is no digital substitute. Images are not enough to convince most consumers to buy material.

Sagamore creates bespoke product sampling solutions, including swatch cards, swatches and presenters and sample boxes that are custom made into any size and style. We deliver practical solutions to showcase your products, while ensuring there is an alignment to your organisation’s brand attributes.

As leading fabric swatch book manufacturers, Sagamore can create sample fabric books, swatches and swatch cards that are well presented and easy to use, meaning that your products will always stand out in store and remain front of mind with prospective customers. 

Flooring swatches and presenters are excellent ways to showcase your materials either in store or via key distributors such as sales representatives, architects and interior designers. 

An emerging trend in interior design is the growth of both vinyl, laminate and ceramic wood-look flooring in the Australian residential housing market. This has meant that standing out from the competition is more important than ever! In addition, as one of Australia’s leading carpet sample book manufacturers, Sagamore can deliver a full range of flooring sample solutions to meet your needs.

Sagamore has created sample books and swatches for a range of different materials including:

  • Fabrics
  • Paints
  • Carpets
  • Hard flooring
  • Vinyl flooring 
  • Laminate flooring and benchtops
  • Marine carpet and upholstery
  • Industrial mesh
  • Blinds and awnings 
  • Floor and wall tiles

So, what is the best sampling solution for your product?

Choosing the right sampling solution is critical to ensuring that your organisation reaches its target customer and motivates them to choose your product line over another as they typically sit side by side in a store or office.. An organisation must also incorporate practical considerations when choosing a sampling product, as they can be used in a variety of ways, including in-store, in an office or on the road with sales representatives.

Swatch Cards showcase several material types and colours on one card. These can also be bound together to fold out into 2, 4 and 8 page layout. Often the card sits inside a ring binder or folder. The advantage of using a swatch card is that it showcases a range of various materials requiring minimal space. Swatch cards are often used for fabrics, blinds, awnings, paints and laminates. 

Swatches collate a sample range into the same size and assemble them together into one item with a handle or header on the top for bigger samples such as carpet and flooring or swatch covers for fabrics. Labels typically sit at the back or front of each sample item to identify each material type and colour. The size of a swatch can vary given that they are often designed to carry around they are typically not large sample sizes (e.g. not larger than A3 size). This is a highly practical way to showcase materials as they are long enough to select one item once collated. The customer can easily place the material on the ground against a wall or against various household items to gain a good perspective of how the product might look in a home or office. Swatches are often used for a broad range of sampling materials including carpets, flooring, laminates, fabrics, industrial mesh, blinds and awnings.

Presenters are fold-out books with samples stuck to the inside with an outer case when closed. The outer case allows for various creative design options such as images to showcase how the materials might look when they are used. For example, an image of a boat with the carpet visible inside. Presenters often have ‘hero’ pieces which are larger pieces that stand out against the others. Typically, presenters have high quality graphics, meaning that this is a very elegant way to showcase products. Presenters are predominantly used for carpet and flooring sample solutions but can also be used to showcase laminates, paints and tiles.

Samples Boxes are quite simply boxes that contain a sample range. These are a highly convenient way to transport samples and to compare the product range. A foam glued into the inside of the box allows for the product to be removed from the box. This delivers a great customer experience allowing them to feel the product and place it against a variety of surfaces to gain a good perspective of how the product might look in a home, office or warehouse. Sample boxes are typically used for heartier samples such as paint chips and tiles.

Sagamore has delivered the full range of sampling solutions for a range of top tier building suppliers for over 40 years. To find out more please review the small range of our sampling solutions above or call us on (03) 9786 4399