• By Kiara Bingham, Sagamore Industries
  • February 13, 2020
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At Sagamore Industries, recycling and reusing our raw materials is one of our primary objectives. As promotional stationery manufacturers, we work with a lot of paper, cardboard and plastic, and we make every effort to ensure that these materials are recycled or re-used in the best possible way.

PVC plastic is used at Sagamore to create custom ring binders, custom presentation folders, plastic wallets and more. We collect our scrap material, as well as from other plastics manufacturers across Melbourne, and bale it into pallets. As there are no longer any PVC recyclers in Australia, our baled PVC is sent to Taiwan, to be reprocessed into ready-to-use PVC. This means that the PVC that we recycle is reused as clean as the original material.

Sagamore Industries uses polypropylene plastic to create a range of items such as satchels, custom ring binders and corporate branded diaries. Scrap material is collected and sent to our recycling partners who use the material to create park benches, pallets, ice scrapers, rakes and more.

We partner with a social enterprise, Green Collect, who specialise in reusing a range of office and manufacturing materials. For example, we send our sample and surplus diaries to them, where they separate the componentry and recycle each of the raw materials separately.

We take pride in knowing where our waste is going and caring about what happens to it once it leaves the factory.

However, we know there is always room for improvement, so we are always looking for new ways to improve. We welcome all feedback and ideas to help our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

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