Advertise Your Business In Education Institution With Our School Presentation Folders

Sagamore has been delivering high-quality education and training materials to Australian education providers for many years. In fact, educational institutions have been relying on Sagamore for certificate holders, school diploma folders, and testamur holders for over 30 years.

Our clients include top universities, secondary schools, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisation (RTOs), to help celebrate important student milestones and support the delivery of training and education.

Our materials offer a way to improve your student’s experience. By providing functional tools that will benefit the student, they also promote your brand in the highly competitive education industry.


Sagamore is renowned for providing Graduation Certificate Holders and Curriculum Vitaes to Universities.

Providing a professional portfolio plays a role in helping students transition from University into their first job.

Certificate holders come in a variety of formats, including tubes, pouches, and folders. Read more about the benefits of custom branded graduate certificate holders here.


Sagamore has vast experience in supporting TAFEs and RTOs by delivering course materials and recognition tools to suit the organisation and their needs.

We understand that each course and training provider has different requirements, from durable, hard-wearing covers for trades to high-end branding for those studying business and management.

Secondary Schools

Many Australian secondary schools have chosen Sagamore to provide them with Curriculum Vitaes, Graduation Certificate Holders and Student Portfolios.

Certificate Holders are highly effective in creating a lasting, memorable moment for students during their final days with your school. While student portfolios offer a professional tool for students to showcase their work throughout the year.

Why Sagamore?

Customisation is our specialty at Sagamore. We create all education and training materials to your unique specifications, including print type, material type and colour and the overall dimensions. We also offer warehousing and logistics solutions, allowing you to efficiently order in bulk, and either distribute to multiple locations or keep your stock on-site at Seaford until delivery is required.

We also have a strong association with secondary schools, through our sister company Product Dynamics – the leading school diary manufacturer in Australia – to drive accountability, student development and branding.

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